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The Importance Of Human Code

The importance of Human Code. #roblox#gamedev#discuss JedDevs 24 Jan 2020・5 min read
------------------------------------------  This post was originally hosted on Roblox DevForum:
------------------------------------------  I recently read a blog post that really resonated with me, my struggles and experiences which was later expanded via tweet by Daniel Irvine 7 who said:You’re conflating two separate things. One is the desire to write clear, well-structured code. Another is your belief that your code is more valuable than that of your colleagues. I fear you’re missing the more important lesson.In both education and work we are told that creating the cleanest and following DRY to the core is the answer to reaching the top of your respective area. I say it’s time we cast away this idea that these are the ideals we stride for, in favour that we should use these as th…

The Two Types Of Random

The Two Types Of Random#gamedev#gamedesign JedDevs September 10th・7 min read
Randomness plays a large part in a huge range of games, from main mechanics to small unseen changes. They can be used in creative ways, like with Nintendos games or in a selfish way, like EAs money grabbing lootboxes.In games we can break randomness down into two types, not noise verse “random” number generators or even simple vs cluster but, Input & Output Randomness.Input RandomnessThe first of the two types is Input Randomness, which from the name I wouldn’t blame you in thinking it means the result of an action by the player; But in fact it means quite the opposite, an action made prior to the players involvement.“ Input randomness is when a random event occurs before the player gets to make a decision.” - GMTK
The most common examples of this include:Procedurally generated worldsProcedurally generated worlds come in all different shapes and sizes and used in many different ways, they can b…